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Mandala Rock Painting Ages 8 and older - # 4077 - –
Do you love Mandalas like we love Mandalas? they are everywhere lately and are widely used for relaxation through coloring, mosaics, and so much more. How about a night of relaxation with us? In our class, we will be painting mandalas on beach stones! This class will feature a presentation on Mandalas, their meaning, and history as well as many different styles of Mandalas that you can consider painting on your rocks. Registration fee includes all the materials you will need. You can make as many Mandala Rocks as you want in the time we meet. Keep them for yourself or give them away as gifts! This class is family friendly and great for all ages 8 and older.
6:00 PM
Makers Minnesota
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05/10/2019   6:00PM - 8:00PM High School - B110