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Drivers Education Distance Learning Class (ended)
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Right Away Driving School
Distance Learning information and Syllabus

Material Pickup date will be emailed to you. Materials will be picked up at the  Main office in Forest Lake 255 Hwy 97. Forest lake 55925. If you cannot make this pick up time please email Community Ed at

When you arrive at the driving school just pull alongside the curb of the front door and we will bring you the material ☺
If you’re not able to attend material pick up please email us at prior to the first day of class and we will email all the course work to print. The material must be printed and ready for the student to use on the 1st day of class. The class material is about 200 pages and we recommend printing the 110 page manual in color. 
Payment must be made prior to class or your student will not receive an event link. We will be able to accept payments at material pickup or over the phone by credit card.

To attend class the student will need:
*To provide a Student email to receive the zoom link. 
*To set up a zoom account and have both audio andvideo capabilities.
*To attend class virtually at the 2:30-5:30 zoom meeting time on class days. 
Makeup days will always be available in the next class for any days missed due to scheduling conflicts or technology difficulties. If your student signs up and does not like the virtual experience they are always welcome to transfer any payment made and class time to an in person class once we are allowed to conduct them again.

                          PERMIT EXAM
Once a student has finished the 30 hours of classroom, they will need to go and take their permit exam once the DMV is re-opened. They will need to bring these 5 things with them:
-Blue slip  
-S.S CARD (or just know the number)
-Current secondary school (grades 7-12) student identification card with students name, photograph, and date of birth
-Birth Certificate (actual certificate, not a photo copy)
-Parent (Legal guardian)  
           The permit exam is given at these offices:

-Arden hills 651.284.1000 M-F 8:00am – 3:35pm NO appointment needed
-Lindstrom 651.284.1000 10:00am – 12:00pm 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month arrive no later than 11:15am
-Cambridge 763.689.7078 Tues. & Wed. 8:00am – 4:30pm arrive no later than 3:30pm
NOTE: The number above is the direct DMV line. There are only a few people who answer the phone throughout the day. Therefore you may get a heavy call volume prompt. You may have to hang up and dial again until you get an automatic menu. If this comes across as annoying to you, and you need simple questions answered… just call us! We will help answer your questions, or will find out the answer for you.

                    BEHIND THE WHEEL LESSONS:
1ST LESSON should be scheduled after 1 month of practice driving.
Once a student has a valid permit, we find that it is best if they drive with their parents for 1 month before scheduling the first B-T-W lesson. Students with prior practice are not as nervous and they can concentrate on the rules and driving techniques. 
            We will pick each student up from home or school. Each student will receive 3 private one- on -one lessons. Every lesson is 2 hours long. Please space these lessons out as much as possible. We require at least 1 month between each lesson.Please remember the importance of practicing with your child in all kinds of traffic and road conditions.
The only way your student will learn to be a safe driver is by driving. The law states you must log a minimum of 50 hours of practice time with your child. It is required that 15 of the hours should be night time driving. This log needs to be completed by the time your child takes their road test. 
We require that you only set up one lesson at a time and that you space the 
B-T-W lessons out. You can schedule your lessons by calling our office at 651.253.7977 DO NOT wait till the last minute to schedule the B-T-W lessons, plan ahead for sports and other after school activities so the student will be able to take their road test as soon as they want to do so. 
Your child’s contract with Right Away Driving is valid until they are 18 years old. A student will need a VALID instruction permit with them in order to do the lesson. A cancellation fee of $40.00 will be charged to any student who does not have a valid permit with them, or cancels a lesson with less than 48 business hours notice.
            When the student has completed all three lessons, they will receive a “Completion Card” They will need to take this with them to the testing station in order to take their road test. It is best to make the appointment in advance. We can schedule and take your child to the testing facility for their road test in one of the driver’s ed. cars right after the 3rd B-T-W. For more details, please call 651.253.7977 before you book your child’s road test. This is an extra option for a fee. 
Thank you so much for choosing Right Away Driving! We want you to know that the safety of our students is our number one priority.
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