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A Bench In The Sun - DayTrippers Dinner Theater
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When Adrienne Bliss, a once famous actress, moves into Valley View Gardens retirement home, Burt and Harold, two long time friends, compete for her attention. Think the Odd Couple + Sunshine Boys + Grumpy Old Men - "Very wise, very moving, and most of all, very funny!" Mel Brooks. This play starred Tim Conway of the Carol Burnett show in it's original production. We will be taking a coach bus to DayTrippers Dinner Theater in Bloomington leaving the North Branch Area Education Center at 10:30am. Lunch included in registration fee.
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10:30 AM
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10/15/2020   10:30AM - 10:45AM Education Center - Parking Lot
10/15/2020   4:30PM - 4:45PM Education Center - Parking Lot