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Mike Lynch Minnesota Starwatch Party
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Make the stars your old friends as we watch the great celestial show in the skies. The night will be filled with the stars, constellations, planets, star clusters, nebulae and more! Class will begin indoors followed by quality time outside under the heavens. Large reflecting telescopes, including two giant 20-inch reflectors that are among the biggest mobile telescopes in Minnesota will give you a close up view of star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and other wonders in our skies.

You will also receive a handout package with user-friendly star maps and constellation charts, websites, a telescope buying guide and more!

Please dress for the weather and bring a comfy lawn chair.

Classes are rarely cancelled. Even if it is cloudy, you'll learn a lot and have a great time!

Registration fee $20 per person or $36 per family. Please enter the correct amount. For families please put other family members in the notes section.
7:00 PM
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10/09/2020   7:00PM - 9:00PM Sunrise River Elementary School - Cafeteria